Many who are shopping for homes have surely noticed that new construction prices have been steadily rising, and there are several reasons for this. First, there’s been an increased demand for new homes in light of how many people are leaving urban areas nationwide. Also, interest rates remain at historic lows, and this has inspired many to build their first new home. What many prospective buyers don’t realize, is that the cost of building materials has increased sharply, based on limited demand and a wide array of pandemic-related shortages and delays. And, when material prices rise, it inevitably drives up the cost of new construction.

Building Material Costs are Driving Up New Home Prices

At Sortino Properties, we’ve maintained longstanding partnerships with some of the industry’s most respected material suppliers, allowing us to keep our costs manageable. If you’ve been considering new residential construction in the Rochester NY area, here are a few reasons to work with us when you’re ready to build.

  • Our longstanding vendor relationships helps keep material costs affordable
  • An extensive network of partners and suppliers to ensure efficiency and value
  • We utilize the most advanced building, estimating and quality control practices
  • Expert assistance with land acquisition, material resources, clearing and more
  • A diverse selection of new homes in Rochester NY’s most desired neighborhoods
  • Sortino takes enhanced health and safety measures to protect your loved ones

If you’ve been thinking of building a new home, waiting for the tide to turn might not be the wisest option. Sortino Properties is proud to be known as one of Rochester’s most sought after builders of new home, and we have a diverse selection of models available throughout the region. To learn more about how we keep material prices manageable or schedule a free consultation, get in touch today and we’ll do our very best to help.

Sortino Properties can be reached during regular office hours by calling 585-225-7000, or via email by filling out the short contact form on our secured website.